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We have a mission to support the social integration and personal realization of women from vulnerable groups in our country. This includes disadvantaged women, victims of human trafficking, prostitution, domestic violence, single mothers who have recently left prison or addictions to alcohol, drugs, and other women at risk. We encourage, assist and support their recovery and development, their independence, building lost social habits, acquiring new skills, caring for their family members. We also provide any assistance in a manner permitted by the law, related to the specific needs of each individual lady who turned to our foundation.


Ways to achieve goals

Our ways to achieve the goals of our organization mainly involve a focus on the dreams in the hearts of the women, as well as:

  • we create and promote Christian spiritual and moral values;
  • we participate in the protection of human and women’s rights;
  • we support the development of personal talents, creativity and the potential of their personality;
  • we inform the public about the problems of different groups of at-risk women;
  • we create the right attitude towards a normal and healthy life, which will contribute to the integration of women back into society;
  • we build strictly individual social and educational programs aimed at self-awareness, development of practical skills for caring for one’s own health and life, building and maintaining social connections and relationships;
  • we establish educational training, qualification and retraining programs in order to find a better job, as well as programs aimed at a smooth and stress-free return to work or starting a new one;
  • we provide support through mentoring, counselling, establishing partnerships and contacts, training in specific topics, facilitate access to resources and exchange of experience in building, creating and running their own business, according to the wishes and preferences of each woman we work with in our foundation;
  • we provide social services for disadvantaged women, victims of domestic violence or human trafficking, single mothers who have recently left prison or alcohol and drug addiction, and other at-risk women, including crisis accommodation, residential services or day care;
  • we create and build social enterprises to provide opportunities for temporary or permanent sheltered employment;
  • we establish partnerships with Bulgarian and international organizations and businesses, with global, national and local authorities and implement and manage joint projects.
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