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SARRA foundation’s partners are private individuals or businesses – all exclusive professionals in their own field, who share its mission, vision and goals.

Our Partners

BCause has been our partner since 2020. They encourage people, organizations and communities to transform lives by developing social and impact investments. With the help and support of BCause’s platform, we have the opportunity to launch various online donation campaigns.

The Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law (BCNL) has been our partner since 2017. They are part of the network of International Non-Profit Law (ICNL) and the European Center for Non-Profit Law (ECNL). We cooperate on various SARRA activities, transparent and public funding, negotiating public services, development of volunteering and donations, protection of human rights and others.

Krav Maga Sofia
Krav Maga Sofia is a martial arts club and our partner since 2018. They conduct self-defence training using the techniques of the eponymous Israeli method, best known for its use in the elite parts of FBI, SAS, RAID, SWAT, Mossad.

Vitosha Arena
Vitosha Arena for Sport and Dance is a metropolitan sports hall and our partner since 2018.

Bo Creations
Bo Creations is a company that organizes exclusive events of a personal and corporate nature. It has been on the market since 2007 and is our partner, corporate donor and has been conducting training activities for some of the SARRA women since 2017.

ICE WATCH Bulgaria
ICE WATCH are colorful, fun and elegant watches with a Japanese mechanism and our partner since 2018. The Bulgarian representative of the company provided us with sponsorship during our first official event.

American College of Sofia
The American College in Sofia provides us with the opportunity to be mentors in the professional development of students from 10th to 12th grade through its career guidance club. They have been our partner since April 2018.

G8 Cultural Center is a cinema and events venue, which is our host for lectures on various topics related to the issues of women from vulnerable groups.

Dr Filipa Kamenova
Dr Filipa Kamenova is a doctor of clinical psychology at the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. Our lecturer and partner since 2018.

Krav Maga Survival
Krav Maga Survival Bulgaria supports various initiatives related to the fight against violence and aggression, both among children and adolescents, and among adults. They have been our partner since 2019 when together we conducted an open training in self-defence for women.

Dynamics Sport Place
Dynamic Sport Place is our host for open training in self-defence for women. They have been our partner since 2019.

Bar Motif
Bar Motif is an eclectic reflection of the vibrant heart of Sofia, which offers everyone a place to relax after work, create new memories or forget old ones. An event venue offering elegant, classic and non-standard cocktails. Our host of charity events and partner since November 2019.

Silvia Dimitrova
Silvia Dimitrova is an art photographer who reflected our activities in 2019.

Nikolay Kolev
Nikolay Kolev, who has been professionally engaged in photography since 2010. He has been our partner since June 2020 when he made the corporate photo session of our team.

Become a Partner

Individual donors

As an individual donor, you are our valuable supporter in our mission to restore and build the future of Bulgarian women, giving them the opportunity for personal fulfillment and independent life. With your participation, we become much more resilient in achieving our goals, helping us to prove that personal example is one of the strongest inspirations for positive change in one’s society and culture.

Corporate donors

Many of the women we work with at SARRA need a “strong back” to support them. As a corporate donor, you can be that support. Some of the ways to do so are:

  • to provide a secure work environment in which each woman has the opportunity to work and develop, so as to contribute to the development of your company – along with the professional support of our organization and our programs for individual growth;
  • to develop or enhance your corporate social responsibility by organizing a corporate event in support of our mission and goals or becoming a sponsor of one organized by us;
  • to engage your employees as well as your business partners in a variety of volunteer activities to support the mission and goals of our foundation. This type of activity will also help to bring your teams together and will result in personal fulfilment for your employees.

Let the listed options not limit you, we will be glad to hear your ideas and suggestions for a partnership.


You can provide a secure work environment in which a SARRA woman has the opportunity to work and grow professionally so that she also contributes to the development of the company – together with our support and individual growth programs.

Media partners

If you are inspired by the mission of our organization and want to work together to have a positive impact on the society of our country, become our media partner.

Advocates for SARRA

Advocates for our mission and goals can include individuals and organizations that take our cause to heart. If you are a person who loves to contribute to your community and find meaning in your life by helping other people achieve their goals, you can be the face and voice of SARRA. You can initiate campaigns and events, participate in already created ones or use your popularity and build the image of SARRA together with us through social networks and media.


Whether you are an architect, a doctor, an athlete, a designer, a freelancer, a student, a pupil, each of you can help and contribute with your skills and passion in different fields. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to change a person’s life – someone else’s, as well as your own. Your work as such will meet you with new people who share your interests and will be valuable for your career development. You can participate in various activities of our foundation, as well as by being proactive and expressing yourself through new fresh ideas.

Partner organizations

Governmental or not, if you are an organization whose mission and goals are aimed at women from vulnerable groups, you may meet a like-minded group of individuals in our face.

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