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About us

At SARRA Foundation, we understand that sometimes all we need to change the world is a little help. Our team has been focusing on making a difference since our initiation in 2017. Our hope is to bring our brand new ideas and our passionate team to the various projects which we take part in. Through all of our endeavours, we aim to show the eagerness that serves as a foundation to our core beliefs.

Our mission is to help the social integration and personal development of vulnerable women who are at risk in our country. This includes women who face inequality, who have been the victims of human trafficking or prostitution, who have been victims of domestic abuse, who are single mothers, who have been incarcerated, or who have been struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, as well as women in various other circumstances.

The main method that we use to achieve this is by focusing on the dreams of each individual woman and creating specialized programs for every one of them. The three main goals of our mission are:

  • to provide information, motivation, education, and consultations to the women on how they can start their own businesses or any other type of economic enterprise
  • to work in close partnerships with a variety of businesses and companies in order to provide the women with a reliable work space and the opportunity for future development
  • to enable the women to work closely with our organization by creating an internal project or social enterprise

In addition, we also want to help these disadvantaged women create a more stable and healthy social life. We encourage them, cooperate with them, and provide support for their recovery, development, and independence. We help them develop proper social habits, gain new skills, and teach them to take care of their family members. Lastly, we also provide any type of help necessary, by legal means, related to the specific needs of every single woman who has turned to our organization for help.

Sarra’s story

The story of a girl named Sarra. Sarra was about 18-19 years old when she was finishing her vocational high school education and was considering what direction her life should take…

Mission and goals

We have a mission to support the social integration and personal realization of women from vulnerable groups in our country.

Our team

SARRA foundation’s team is built by lifelong friends with diverse qualities and backgrounds who join their forces to see their society rising up for new life.



SARRA foundation’s partners are private individuals or businesses – all exclusive professionals in their own field, who share its mission, vision and goals.

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