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Bozhidarka Yordanova
Bo Yordanova
president & founder

I have a bachelor degree in Fashion Design and back in 2007, I started my own business in the events industry where I plan and organize exquisite events of personal and corporate nature.

I founded SARRA Foundation in 2017, driven by my desire to serve women from vulnerable groups in Bulgaria by supporting them on their path to personal transformation through to a fully risen life of stability and independence by placing our focus on the biggest dreams in their hearts. SARRA is really important for me due to my own story which is not too different from the stories of the women that our organization helps. For me, this is a journey, based upon my personal experience with domestic violence after which I had to raise my child as a single mother.

I am the Foundation’s President and part of my responsibilities include the creation, acceptance and monitoring of the implementation of internal acts, to recommend and introduce projects, reports and statements of our activities to the Board. I also determine the order and organization of SARRA’s activities for which I am responsible in front of the Board. In addition, it is my duty to appoint new members of the team in accordance with the decisions of the supreme collective body by organizing, managing and controlling their activity. I also participate in fundraising and am the Foundation’s representative in its third party relations.

Blagovesta Kulicheva
Blagovesta Kulicheva
member of the board

I have a Master’s degree in International Economic Relations. I used to work for a non-governmental organization at an administrative position for years, after which I became an associate at the foreign trade department of another business.

When Bo offered me to be a part of SARRA Foundation’s team, I gladly accepted and was really inspired to join her cause since I constantly see a lot of people in pain around me, especially women. Friends and acquaintances of mine have been through depression, panic attacks, mental and physical injuries, suicide attempts… As a mother of two, I really want to see as many women as possible freed from the pain they went through to find hope, shelter, support and comfort. I believe that this is possible with joint efforts, focus and professional intervention! But first – through unconditional love, acceptance, understanding and support!

I have been a member of the Board of the Foundation since its establishment in 2017.

Valentina Ivanova
Valentina Ivanova
member of the board

I am a marketing and PR specialist and have been working in the field of online marketing for 9 years. I like to communicate and get into other people’s shoes, to look for non-standard solutions to problems. In my professional and personal life, I am driven by my inner desire to help others. I am prone to perfectionism, and truth, ethics and Christian morality are my frame of work. My professional experience is rich and has allowed me to get in touch with direct marketing, press, radio and TV advertising, project coordination, development of marketing campaigns and market research, copyright for online media, quality and efficiency analysis, and business consulting, etc.

From our first meeting with Bo, we discovered many shared ideas and goals. Over time, I realize how great the need is for all women, including me, to be confident, to know how to deal with the emotional pain, stress, and tension that surround us in our personal and professional life.

I realize that hope, leading by example and concrete ideas for overcoming our problems can be adequately obtained only from others who have already gone through this journey and have come out winners. My desire to share my experience and be a voice of hope and encouragement for other women is the leading factor in my participation in the SARRA Foundation team. I believe that through personal example and support together we can build happy families and enjoy every day of life! I participated in the establishment of the organization and have been a member of its Board since 2017.

Albena Vasileva
Albena Vasileva

I have a Masters degree in Accounting and Business Control, Labour and Organizational psychology.

I am a financial and credit consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry. I have worked on various commercial and managerial positions in a leading commercial bank for over 13 years, and for close to 3 years, I have my own business in the field of financial consulting and services, being a consultant for “Employee Assistant Program” of OPTUM.

My professional curiosity is not limited to finance, in fact, a large part of my attention is attracted by people in their professional roles. I participate in projects which involve conducting training sessions for trainers, staff evaluation at “Assessment centers”, Sales training.

I enjoy getting into new professional and social environments, meeting new people and challenges, reading, spending time with my family and dog – Jerry.

My day feels complete when I have learnt at least one (even if it is a small one) new thing which I haven’t been aware of before.

Become a team member

We are always open to accepting new members in our cohesive, creative and innovative family!

If you dream of living in a better society in Bulgaria, want to participate in changing the present and future generations and to help our mission at SARRA in supporting at-risk women, you can keep track of our open positions or just feel free to fill in the contact form below:

    * SARRA Foundation does not allow direct or indirect discrimination in the selection process based on ethnicity, gender, race, age, political beliefs, marital and material status.

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