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Margie’s story

Margie is 29 years old. She is the single mother of a one-year-old child.

In 2015, she moved to live in a seaside town because she loves the sea and had the opportunity for an attractive seasonal work. Initially, she lived alone in rented accommodation. Three years later, she met a man who became her partner. His profession is related to long-term trips abroad. After another long business trip, he promises her to stop travelling and change jobs, motivated by his and his late father’s dream – to create a harmonious family. Thus, the excited Margie moves in with him and his mother in the fourth month of their acquaintance.

Almost immediately, Margie becomes the object of physical abuse, which is why she leaves him and remains separated for several months. Her partner finds her and reappears in her life with a plea for forgiveness, and with promises that he will never physically hurt her again. She trusts him and they begin living together once again. A little later she became pregnant, and in the fourth month of her pregnancy, scandals and beatings began. He returned to his previous job and began travelling with long absences from the country. During this period, their child is born, but this does not improve the relationship between them. Her partner’s mother, who lives upstairs in the house further aggravates the situation by insulting and humiliating Margie, accusing her of not caring enough for her son’s comfort, entering her privacy and monitoring her whereabouts. The severe physical violence from Margie’s partner escalated, he imposed on her a subordinate position of the woman towards the man and began to insult and humiliate her in public in front of his acquaintances. Margie decides to escape this hell and returns to her parents with the baby.

A few months later, in the middle of 2020, she contacted us.

Our Support

At the moment, we support Margie through regular meetings with a psychologist and the development of an individual growth training program, the purpose of which is to inform, motivate and train her on how to start her own business. Margie passed the program and was certified of its successful completion.

During our work with her, she came to terms with the choices and decisions she had made about raising her child as a single mother and their return to her parents. Gradually, she begins to open those forgotten “drawers” within herself, to arrange and reassemble her world. Thus she stumbled across long-forgotten plans and dreams of hers, discovering her calling…

Personalized Project

Margie’s project – “Little baby sharks”


Margie has always loved the sea and the serenity and weightlessness one feels when immersed in water. Now that she is raising her baby on her own and has gone through our personal development training program, she is recalling forgotten ideas for a place where parents can take their children to swim safely, to be with them in this experience whilst in the company of a person who is aware of the physical and emotional benefits for babies from swimming and touching the water world.

Margie also graduated from the NSA (National Sports Academy) with a degree in higher education and now thinks of her dream not only as a dream but as a business plan. At this stage, together we are building her idea in detail, we are giving her an image and a name … “Little baby sharks”!

Movement in water naturally stimulates the physical and psychomotor development of babies – moreover – it becomes completely imperceptible to them and goes through pleasant experiences near their parents.

“Little baby sharks” will be a place where all babies and their parents are welcome – they will be welcomed by a qualified instructor, there will be group and individual activities, depending on the needs and preferences of the parents and their babies. We are currently actively working and supporting Margie in building a business plan, holding meetings with a business mentor and accountant, developing her managerial skills. She herself has undertaken research to create a website and promote the future business project.


Support Margie and the development of her project “Little baby sharks”

Our mission and goals are based on the support in the unimpeded return to normal social life, development and independence of women who have suffered violence, addictions, imprisonment, human trafficking, single motherhood and others.

Since the development of the “Little baby sharks” project is in its infancy, and Margie needs support in this new endeavour, you can also be part of the change in the life of her two-member family through the button below. As a basis for translation, please mention the name of the project “Little baby sharks”.

If this is not the right way for you to show your support, but you would like to contribute, you can contact us directly by email to discuss your ideas and suggestions to help.

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