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Mimmie’s Story

Mimmie is a mother of three and a woman who has twice been left without the fathers’ support in raising her children. She builds both relationships with love, puts great trust in her partners and seeks, and expects care, support, emotional commitment to children. When her second husband leaves her pregnant with her third child, she finds herself on the streets without finances. Today, Mimmie has gone through despair, disappointment, fear, loneliness, anxiety, but also has made the decision to stand up, seek help and support. Thus she met us at SARRA and became one of the women our Foundation supports.

Our Support

During our acquaintance with Mimmie, she developed her computer skills, went through an individual business training and development program, received professional psychological help. In difficult financial times, she was supported with humanitarian aid.

Not long after, Mimmie shared about her dream, something that interests her, but she thought of it as unattainable, difficult and too complicated for a mother raising her three children alone. It probably would have been, but in the face of our team, she has not only support but also encouragement, motivation and mentoring. Thus, Mimmie’s dream began to look more and more real and has transformed into a business plan.

Personalized Project

Mimmie and her Project “Sandwiches for everyone”

The project “Sandwiches for everyone” is designed as a street food van, in which Mimmie prepares special sandwiches according to her chef’s recipes. Owning a small business of her own is what will give Mimmie a livelihood for her and her children, and as an owner, she will have flexible working hours, peace of mind and security that she will not be laid off due to absences from caring for the youngest member of the family, as well as get regular health and social insurance, which she will pay for herself.

“Sandwiches for everyone” will be a special place where people will be able to enjoy original special sandwiches, eating on foot or takeaway. The place will attract with flavours and aromas of sandwiches baked until golden, with juicy fillet or toasted bacon, with melted cheese, crispy cucumbers, french fries or completely unexpected side dishes and sauces. The love for delicious food brings Mimmie a sense of home, comfort and security. This is her message to the people and future customers of “Sandwiches for everyone”, who will be welcomed with care and a positive attitude, hurrying to work in the morning, coming home tired in the evening or just … when they are hungry and need someone to prepare something for them quickly, but also “specially”.

In order to realize her dream, Mimmie invests diligence and consistency in the preparation and elaboration of her business plan – she makes research on permits, type and prices of equipment, initial investments, development of author’s recipes.


Support Mimmie and the development of her personalized project “Sandwiches for everyone”

Our mission and goals are based on the support in the unimpeded return to normal social life, development and independence of women who have suffered violence, addictions, imprisonment, human trafficking, single motherhood and others.

Through the button below, you can also contribute to the realization of Mimmie’s project – “Sandwiches for everyone”, joining the people who support and encourage her efforts to be a responsible, strong and caring woman. As a basis for translation, please mention the name of the project “Sandwiches for everyone”.

If this is not the right way for you to show your support, but you would like to contribute, you can contact us directly by email to discuss your ideas and suggestions to help.

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