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Reny’s Story

Reny is a beautiful 27-year-old young lady. She grows up in a peaceful family in the capital, when one day she loses her mother and this throws all family members off balance – her brother starts taking drugs and becomes an addict, her father meets another woman, under whose influence becomes extremely aggressive towards his daughter and in some situations tries to sell her to pay off his own debts. At this time, Reny finds solace in the face of a boy from whom she becomes pregnant, but a little later, he disappears. Attempts at abortion and suicide followed. Loneliness, despair and depression are huge and unbearable. Despite everything, Reny manages to find strength and keeps and gives birth to her fetus.

A few years later, she meets an old acquaintance who, by coincidence, turns out to be a representative of an organization that fights prostitution and human trafficking. At the time, the organization was working on a program that included sheltered housing and accommodating women and children. That’s how Reny and her little daughter find a safe environment, shelter, food and a chance for development. Unfortunately, the program ends and Reny has to return to her father’s home, where the harassment is renewed. Nevertheless, Reny’s old acquaintance did not lose touch with her because of her personal commitment and care and connected her to our foundation. Thus, in mid-June 2020, we started working together.

Our Support

We support Reny with professional psychological, legal advice and mentoring. Only after a few meetings with us, Reny felt encouraged and took her life into her own hands. We helped her find a job to strengthen her financial situation. We found her a temporary shelter and together we discovered her strengths. Then, we came up with the idea to develop them.

Personalized Project

“Soul Write Art“

Soul Write Art” is a personalized project for Reny and her 7-year-old daughter. Reny loves to write, and her little girl loves to draw. That’s why “Soul Write Art” will unite mother and daughter on their path to growth in stability, with Reny revealing personal stories from the soul, with a great deal of inspiration and hope, and the small artist will be creating paintings. For a start, the project will be in the form of a blog that will work as an online store that will be able to support the family of the young ladies. We are considering the organization of events, exhibitions and other types of activities to raise awareness of the challenges of single parents, women victims of domestic violence and forced prostitution. Reny dreams of publishing her book, so Soul Write Art will be a good base for that.


Support Reny and the development of her personalized project “Soul Write Art”

Our mission and goals are based on the support in the unimpeded return to normal social life, development and independence of women who have suffered violence, addictions, imprisonment, human trafficking, single motherhood and others.

Since the development of the “Soul Write Art” project is in its infancy, and Reny needs support in this new endeavour, you can also be part of the change in the life of her two-member family through the button below. As a basis for translation, please mention the name of the project “Soul Write Art”.

If this is not the right way for you to show your support, but you would like to contribute, you can contact us directly by email to discuss your ideas and suggestions to help.

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