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Tony’s Story

Tony is 36 years old and has two children, aged 7 and 15.

A series of unfortunate events in Tony’s life lead her to many wrong decisions. After remaining a single mother of two, she did not continue her education to university. In a short period of time, she loses the people with the greatest support – her father and grandmother. She finds herself an inheritor of a large unpaid loan and on the street with her children and mother. No matter how much she works and what she does, all her income is blocked due to the unpaid loan from her father. All the stress the family goes through has a different effect on Tony’s son which escalates into a physical assault on her.

In her despair, she sought support from many organizations, but to no avail. In the middle of 2019, she came across a publication on the page of our foundation, which gives her hope and impetus to try again. Thus, after a conversation with our President, Tony became one of the SARRA women and embarked on the path of positive transformation.

Our Support

Tony’s family received professional psychological support, as a result of which the family started working harmoniously again. A training program for developing her own business was set up for Tony, which she completed successfully. In recent months, together with our volunteers, we have managed to support her family of four in various ways: clothing and footwear, school supplies, covering electricity bills, refreshing the family home and furnishing parts of it with a sofa bed, tables, shelves, curtains and cornice, dryer and we took care of their peaceful and sweet sleep with new pillows. Tony often expresses a desire and actively participates in other activities of our foundation. In the process of working with her, Tony got inspired to develop one of her dreams – to express her passion by creating individual gifts and paper flowers.

Personalized Project

Tony’s project – “SO beautiFLO gifts | handmade with love”

The “SO beautiFLO gifts” project will be launched as an online store that will allow Tony to gradually relieve herself of the burden of inheritance obligations, as well as to take care of meeting the daily needs of her family of four. The online store “SO beautiFLO gifts” will offer handmade paper flowers and personalized gifts created with love. The different collections will be aimed at different audiences – from the mass consumer to elegant and boutique weddings and events.


Support Tony and the development of her project “SO beautiFLO gifts | handmade with love”

Our mission and goals are based on the support in the unimpeded return to normal social life, development and independence of women who have suffered violence, addictions, imprisonment, human trafficking, single motherhood and others.Since the development of the “SO beautiFLO gifts | handmade with love project is in its infancy and Tony needs support in this new endeavour, you can also be part of the change in the life of her four-member family through the button below. As a basis for translation, please mention the name of the project “SO beautiFLO gifts | handmade with love.

If this is not the right way for you to show your support, but you would like to contribute, you can contact us directly by email to discuss your ideas and suggestions to help.

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