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I have a Masters degree in Accounting and Business Control, Labour and Organizational psychology.

I am a financial and credit consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry. I have worked on various commercial and managerial positions in a leading commercial bank for over 13 years, and for close to 3 years, I have my own business in the field of financial consulting and services, being a consultant for “Employee Assistant Program” of OPTUM.

My professional curiosity is not limited to finance, in fact, a large part of my attention is attracted by people in their professional roles. I participate in projects which involve conducting training sessions for trainers, staff evaluation at “Assessment centers”, Sales training.

I enjoy getting into new professional and social environments, meeting new people and challenges, reading, spending time with my family and dog – Jerry.

My day feels complete when I have learnt at least one (even if it is a small one) new thing which I haven’t been aware of before.

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