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“SARRA shows me that there is another life behind the wall of silence, fear, isolation that I have fallen into, or rather I have built myself. The team gives me valuable lessons and contacts with wonderful people and professionals in various fields. They detach me from the environment in which I was immersed and help me feel alive again. For me, these are the happiest moments, I have wings and I can fly… There is another life, there is another life!… I had slipped, and the time that is given to me in Sofia is the greatest, I feel alive. I am grateful for the training, I am also grateful to the lecturers. Thank you on behalf of my children for the gifts and care so far, they make us happy and we still use them.

Thanks for making me feel alive and not isolated. Among people who accept me as I am. Not like in my city – to be looked down upon. “

“SARRA supports me by giving me the opportunity to get closer to the dream of my life. It’s wonderful to be able to learn while working on real people’s events projects and even get paid for it! To go to training courses in any field is paid by us, not to us. For me, on-the-job training is interesting and extremely useful. I feel great and I find great pleasure in my work. I can’t wait for new events. I love making decorations and arranging flower arrangements for them. ”

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and help you are giving us in this difficult for us time. Both materially and emotionally. Thanks to you, my children and I are able to get basic necessities. Your foundation came at the right time for us. We are grateful that there are still people like you, because it gives us hope for a better future. With love and gratitude! ”

“Thank you girls for your long-term help and support in times of need. Always be this kind and open to helping people. ”

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